We truly believe that we are part of a missionary team. We happen to be the ones on the ground, but that is only made possible by your financial support. If you would like to become apart of financially supporting the work here in Uganda, you can do so by following the steps below.

All donations made through The Pearl Church are 100% tax deductible and no fees are taken out. What you give comes directly to us!

Online | Debit, Credit, or E-Check

Through The Pearl Church’s website: https://secure.qgiv.com/for/tpc/
– Scroll down and enter amount under our names
– This can be set up for one time gifts, or reoccurring donations

Mail | Physical Checks

Addressed and payable to:
The Pearl Church
10200 East Girard Avenue Suite D100 Denver, CO 80231

*On the memo line write “Sokoloff-Uganda”*

Paypal Direct | sokoloffseth@gmail.com