April 2015

Wow! Wow! Wow! This has been a crazy month and a half. From my parents visiting and a new puppy to Easter weekend and community outreaches, there has been a lot happening in our lives and at Life Church.

It was the utmost privilege to have my mom and dad here in Uganda with Seth and I for the first two weeks of March. They spoiled us! Seriously they did. After being away from the US for 5 1/2 months we had been missing our favorite american treats and our families too. They brought us goodies like tasty Tillamook cheese that we have been drooling over as we eat, delicious donuts and candy galore. Aside from the food we ate, it was fantastic to show them our home, our friends, our church and our students and introduce them to our life as it is now. We laughed together, sweat together, taught classes together, painted together and got sick together, it was glorious.

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As soon as they headed home we got busy preparing for Easter! This year at Life Church the youth department (us) were put in charge of the entire Easter weekend. We gathered the team to put on an outreach on Good Friday and Even Better Saturday (some people call it Holy Saturday) for the community around the church, then invited them to come for a huge parking lot concert and gospel presentation. The church came together to go house to house offering their acts of service to each one; to wash dishes and clothes, polish shoes, sweep, fetch water and more. It was a huge success with many testimonies. One of the groups came back with the testimony of a woman being so shocked that people would show her love by coming to her house and offering to clean that she asked them if she could become born-again right there on her door step. God is faithful! Many people came out for the concerts in the parking lot on Friday and Saturday in the evenings and 23 adults and over 20 kids gave their lives to the Lord before Easter Sunday even arrived.


Easter Sunday was a new experience for the whole church. The young people were the ones preaching! Seth met with six of them repeatedly over the course of a month to prepare them to preach on Sunday morning. It was the first time preaching to the whole congregation for all of them and they did great! We felt like proud parents watching them as they preached the gospel of Christ.

Speaking of being parents, the newest addition to our family (our sweet little Mud), makes us feel like parents to a newborn. Although not a baby, but a cute little puppy, he has kept us awake at all hours of the night and we are grateful that he is starting to like us and his new little home (doghouse). We had been wanting a good guard dog, but due to some neighborly concerns, we needed to start with a puppy and train him ourselves. Our hope is that Mud grows to be a loving and caring yet strong and intimidating dog. For now is a sweet cutie pie that will still let us cuddle him.


In less than 3 weeks we will be holding our 5th GenAlive youth conference here at Life Church. You can be praying with us as hundreds of young people from around Uganda gather together for 4 days! We’ll have Asim and Lisa Trent (from the Pearl Church in Denver, CO) and team from their church with us during the conference, and we’re praying that God is going to use them mightily while they are here. Please pray that those who are unsaved would give their lives to the Lord and those that already know Him would be taken to a new level in their relationships with Christ during GenAlive. Seth and I could use prayer for strength, patience and humility to get all the things accomplished with our youth team here as we prepare for to host  GenAlive.

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Thank you for your continued love and support in our lives. We so appreciate you loving us with your relationships and by funding us so that we can continue to do what God has asked of us here in Uganda.


Seth and Diana Sokoloff