February ’16 (The Hot Seat)

Youth Camp, Ignite, GenAlive, and Golfing?

In looking at 2016 there are some BIG things we want to accomplish. Some seemingly achievable, and others God sized. We feel one of the things the Lord wants us to do this year is to plan well for the future. This means being able and diligent to put more money in savings, retirement, and in planning for our future family (no this is not a pregnancy announcement). We want to save towards emergencies, car repairs, plane tickets, visa renewals, etc. In order to do this we need an increase of monthly financial support. If you do not currently financially partner with us, we ask that you would pray about, and consider, joining with us on a monthly basis for 2016. We are so excited to see what He does this year. Here’s to the best year yet!

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